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The importance of mobile apps in business

Why do I need a Mobile App when my Website is Responsive?

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You might wonder why a small business even needs it's own app? It's understandable that the big dogs of business need an app, but a small business in Missouri...what's the use? Besides, your website responds to whatever device it's on; it's good enough. But, is good enough, good enough for you?

Building a business is tough; it's a lot of work and the payout is small, especially at the beginning. Having the extra money to Market is non-existent! But here's the deal, you don't make money if you don't spend money. Bottom line. How many times have you heard that? Probably a lot, if you are an entrepreneur like me. And spending your money on an app is worth it. The way you have to think about it is this, what is my user experience like? Because, the easier your user experience is, the more leads to sales will be converted. The app experience makes a businesses most important information easily accessible to their customers. There is no searching or digging for information, it is literally at your fingertips. Being mobile is very important, when over 70% of customers use their phones to find a business, but once they're on your site you have to figure out what you want them to do! If it's just that you want it to be mobile, then a responsive site is your answer; but if you want your prospects/customers to actually DO something at your website, where you see measurable results, then purchase an app.

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